7 Day Etsy Store Challenge THANK YOU PAGE

Welcome To The Free 7 Day Challenge Dashboard!

This is where you can find all the lessons and downloads for the 7 Day Etsy Shop Quick Start Challenge!

Day 1 ~Set up Etsy Shop

Day 2 ~ Research

Day 3 ~ Make Printable Product

Day 4 ~ Create Pictures For Your Etsy Listings

Day 5 ~ Make a Listing In Your Etsy Shop

Day 6 ~ Promote Your Shop

Day 7 ~ Summary and What’s Next

Day 1 Workbook
House Cleaning Planner Template -PowerPoint
CANVA House Cleaning Planner Template

Day 2 Workbook-Research

Day 3 Workbook

Day 4 Workbook-Making Mockups on Canva

Day 5 Workbook -Creating a new listing, some tips on Titles.

Day 6 Workbook -Promoting your shop.

Day 7 30 Day Checklist

Michelle’s Favorite Tools

Etsy start a new shop and get 40 Free Listings!

Michelle’s Special Coupon 35% You can use at anytime for taking this challenge! Use Coupon Code: ETSYSHOP35

Erank hashtag generator (Not affiliate link)

Everbee is the very BEST tool I’ve found to give me information on Tags and Titles. Not only that but it shows what a shops best selling items are, how many they sold and so much more. I would not have the success I’ve had in my new Etsy shop without this tool. It cost $29 a month for all the features which I find are awesome!

Very Cool Banners and Mockups for your Etsy shop. MaryJo of Cool Beans created an exclusive special price just for us! Use coupon code: PLRNICHE to get the her Etsy Mockup kit for only $9 instead of the normal $27 price.

Erank (Not affiliate link, I just love this so much!) is a great place to get keywords, titles and tags as well and for only $9 a month. I like to use this to spy on shops and see them all in one place. Plus I use this to get keyword trends. I get so many ideas from this tool. It’s another must for my Etsy shop success.

Creative Fabrica I use this Every. Single. Day. For the past 4 years! Big tip if you see something you like, download it. Because it might go away after a while.

Canva (Not affiliate link) of course! I use the paid version and use this 4000 times a day. I just got this award in 2024! Woohoo!