Welcome To Day 7 of the Etsy Shop Quick Start Challenge!

We’re on Day 7 already! The last day of the challenge, woohoo!! I hope you enjoyed taking this challenge with me. Did you get your shop started and get one new product listed in your shop this week? If not, then go back and finish those challenge days before moving forward.

DAY 7 Summary and What to do next.

I made a Dashboard for you so you can go back and read over past challenge days.
DASHBOARD Day 1-6 of the challenge

Day 7 Summary

What We’ve Gone Over

If you’ve been following along and doing the homework after each day of this challenge, then you should be all set to fill up your shop with even more printables. If you’ve not finished, then I highly suggest you go back and do each step as it will help you create a habit of taking a big task and breaking it down into bite-size tasks.

Some people can do all the tasks in one sitting, and that’s fine too. Whatever works best for you. I like to do bite-size tasks. That way, I can have fresh eyes on my creation over several days. Not to micromanage it and change a bunch of things. But to make it better and not try and rush the job to get it done. For me, that only gives me poor results. If I work on something for a week, the project is much nicer than when I hurry through it.

The main thing I wanted to teach everyone in this challenge is to be consistent. Work on your shop every day, even if it’s just to go in and promote one of your older listings or do some house cleaning in your shop, changing tags on a listing, things like that. Or maybe do some research on the next item that you’ll be creating next week.

Summary Of Where You Should Be Now.

  • You should have your shop set up, a logo or icon created, and a banner on there too. I like to change mine to match the holiday. But you don’t have to have a banner. I just like it in my shop.
  • You should now know how to research for ideas and find keywords to add to your listings.
  • You should have some idea of creating a product for your shop easily—no need to reinvent the wheel. Use PLR Templates then make a few slight changes to it. Maybe just the background color is all you need to change and be done with it. Get it listed.
  • We went over how to get your product images made over on Canva quickly. The first one might take some time to make. Going forward all you need to do is use that as a template for the next product, just copy it, change the title, and add the printables that you’re selling. That’s it.
  • You should have one item listed in your shop. Now you can quickly copy that listing, change it up to match your second listing, and upload your product. Easy!
  • You should also understand how to promote your shop. By picking only one social media to promote, you’ll save time and energy.

Be Consistent

What is most important is to be consistent. Be real with yourself. If you can only get one item in your shop a week, then that’s great! Make sure that you do it, even if you have to stay up until midnight Saturday night to get it on there. Do it!

Successful business owners do that, or you might have to miss out on some events. Plan your day to get one thing done in your Etsy shop every day, and you will have a thriving business after several months.

It won’t happen overnight. You must keep adding more items. Promote less and work harder on getting new stuff added. That’s what Etsy likes, and that’s who we are trying to please right now. I would give up promoting altogether if you don’t have time to do both.

I hardly EVER promote my eBay shop, and I’ve had a thriving full-time business for over 12 years. I’m consistent and work in my shop daily to please eBay. Not the other social media outlets.

How Etsy Works

Here’s how it works, when you list on Etsy the first time, that’s great. When you list on Etsy twice a week, that really great! If you could list a new item on Etsy three times a week. Well, that would be AMAZING!

Etsy will look at your store as active, and your items will get moved up in the ranks, but let’s say you start having bad days, and you can only list two items a week. Your shop’s ranking will slip a little because you’re not listing like you once did. Now let’s say you skip listing for two weeks in a row.

Etsy thinks your shop is inactive, and it will fall all the way to the bottom of the search results, and you’ll have to start all over again. A good rule of thumb is that if you list heavy the first month, the second month you’ll start to rank better on Etsy. That’s just how it goes.

So whatever you are comfortable doing, do that. Be consistent, and Etsy will love you and send you more traffic and sales.

Tips For Getting Things Done Faster

I’ve found a few things that can speed up your listing power. Some tips that I’ve found over the years have really helped me speed up things. Here are a few ideas that I like to use.

  • Using templates is the way to go to speed up your progress, and I’m sure most of us already have a few of those on our computers right now.
  • Bust up the planner into several printables that you can sell.
  • Copy one of your listings on Etsy and create a new listing. Just change the Title Keyword to something else.
  • Copy a listing and create a new listing. This time change the cover graphic only. You’ll have to upload a new PDF for that listing. But it’s a quick change, that won’t take much time.

Getting Yourself More Organized

I’m sure you’re like me, and you have a lot of planners and PLR on your computer that you can use for your printables shop.

Here’s an idea that really helped me.

  • Make a list of every printable template and or PLR that you’ve bought in the last month that’s on your computer now.
  • Make another list of printable ideas, and things that you want to make for your shop.

Now when you’re stuck and not sure what to make for your shop. You can look at your list. Then look at your templates to see which one would work for that idea. Start doing that for everything that you buy from now on, and watch your shop get fuller and fuller.

I’ve created a 30-day checklist for you. Use this over the next month by checking off something every day, and you’ll get your shop filled up super fast. And that’s when your shop will start to make money consistently if you are consistently working on it.

Rinse and Repeat. Use my Free 30-Day Checklist at the end of this lesson.

Good luck, and if you get stuck on anything, let me know, I’ll be glad to help you out. michelle@plrniche.com

Thanks for Taking My 7 Day Challenge!!

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Let me know your plans going forward. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Wishing you much success!
Michelle Farmer PLRNiche.com