Welcome To Day 4 of the Etsy Shop Quick Start Challenge!

Let’s look at what you’ve done so far!

Day1 Set up Etsy Shop
Day 2 Research
Day 3 Make Product

You should have your Etsy shop created, do some research on the keywords that you want to use for your listing, and made a new planner with a template you have. And remember you don’t need to go crazy with this, just change the color of it which is easy in PowerPoint. Change the fonts, another easy thing to do with the Replace Font Tool inside PowerPoint. Now you are ready for the next step.


Today you’ll learn how to create pictures on Canva for your listings and tips on making them quickly.

The Goal For Today:

  • Make 2-10 graphics for your Etsy listing on Canva. The more the better.
  • Download them to your from Canva to your File Folder in the pictures folder.

What you need for today:

  • Canva free version

In this lesson, I’m using my House Cleaning Planner Template (Use coupon code: CLEAN50 to get 50% off this planner).

How To Create Pictures For Your Etsy Listings

The first thing I do is create a folder on my computer for screenshots of the printables that I’m going to add to my listing. My first product is the 2 Daily Cleaning Pages. So I only need to take a screenshot of 2 pictures. My internet is so slow I found that the images are smaller when I do this. But you can also go into your PowerPoint and save it as JPG. This will give you a JPG picture of all your pages in your planner. Cool! I just learned how to do this!

Then I go over to Canva and create new pictures showcasing my printables. If you have trouble getting started I recommend Club Pin Mockup Templates to use for my Etsy listings. My friend Melanie of Bittys Spire Life made these and I love that she gives not only Pinterest templates but 2000 x 2000 which you can use for your Etsy shop. I personally am using the Pinterest size templates. Because I can then share every image that I create for my Etsy shop and they look normal over on Pinterest. Etsy makes a big sign on the pictures that it’s not what they want. But that’s OK.

They want the square ones, and you will have to adjust your first pictures some to get it just right. If you don’t want to mess with that or Pinterest, then use the 2000 x 2000 size. That’s what Etsy wants.

Save Time With Copy Feature on Canva

Once I created the set of graphics I want to use for my Etsy listings, I will then make a new copy of that set and use it for my next listing. This makes my Etsy shop all look the same. Well mostly, I keep changing my mind. Lol! But the overall theme is the same.

Now that I have my listing graphics finished, I will just copy my original template, then all I have to do changed out the wording for each product to match my listings, change the pictures, and I’m done!

Here’s an example of one of my listings:

For example, I copied one of my last listing pictures and now I’m working off the copy, I changed the title of the template to match what I’m selling to Daily Checklists, then changed the title on the template. When I’m finished, double-check to be sure I changed the title of my template to match my new listing before I download it to my computer.

I don’t pay for Canva; I use the free version and haven’t had any issues. It’s sometimes hard to find free images. I upload what I can’t find. This saves me so much time!

Here’s an example of a 2000 x 2000 size below of my personal use printables. I love how it looks; it tells everything about the printable, except that it’s for personal use. One tip that I want to point out. Some people might screenshot your product, so they don’t have to buy it.

To protect yourself from people doing that, you can create a layer of white words. I would use your shop name and add that to all the areas of your printables.

I would also recommend that you overlap your printables as I did here. See how they can’t just grab the picture and print it out now. They will have to buy the printable from you.

Daily Cleaning Checklists Printables

But you don’t have to buy templates for your listing if you don’t want to. You can create it yourself and make that cool shadow in the background right on Canva. It’s ok to use, but I find it lagging for me. But it might work just fine for you.

I love using the templates because when I hover over the areas where my pictures go, it slides right in place. I don’t have to adjust it or anything. All I do is change the background color to match my printables. I wait until I’ve added them to the template. That way, Canva picks up the colors of those printables, and I can use one or two colors for my background and have it match my printables.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Open up Canva
  • Make a copy of your template, Or make a new one from scratch. Then the next time you list a product on Etsy, you’ll already have a template to use. Just make a copy of it.  If you don’t have templates already, then you’ll need to create a 2000px x 2000px size area for your Etsy listing pictures. You can add up to ten pictures to your listing. I usually only do four.
  • Rename that template and close the original before you start messing up your original template. (Done that before!)
  • Upload all the printables you are going to showcase in your listing picture. That’s the screenshot pictures or JPG of your PowerPoint checklists or planner.
  • Add those to your Etsy Pictures Template.
  • Change the wording to match your product. Also, add how many pages they will get and what page size they get, and so on.
  • Add your logo and shop name.
  • Add several lines of text with your shop name and make it white
  • Download the jpg to a folder on your computer.
  • If you want to get fancy, you can make a video of one of your Etsy pictures. It’s something new, and not everyone uses it. What I suggest is that you first get as many listings done as you can. Then play around with the video pictures on the days you don’t want to work hard on your shop, then promote it on Pinterest with that moving listing picture.

That’s it, save these pictures to a file on your computer for tomorrow when you list your item on Etsy.

You’re all set.

I hope this challenge has helped you get started selling printables on Etsy. Taking the big steps and breaking them down into little steps has helped me get a lot more done with my own printables business. I’m sure it can help you as well.

Get up an hour early each day and work on your Etsy shop. Then take 30 minutes at the end of your day to promote your Etsy shop if you do this 5 days a week, like a mini job. Your little Etsy shop will start paying for itself rather quickly.

And don’t try to get everything perfect, just get things in your shop and move on. You can fix things as you go.


  1. Take screenshots of product pages from PowerPoint or save them as JPG.
  2. Upload them to Canva.
  3. Create at least 2 pictures showcasing your product.
  4. Download them to your computer.
  5. If you’re feeling like doing something fun. Make a small video in Canva of your product.

Download Your Workbook at the link below.
DAY 4_7 Day Quick Start Etsy Shop Challenge

💖Tomorrow adding the first product to your shop!

Wishing you much success!


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