Food Pantry Planner PLR

Food Pantry Planner PLR


I've been planning on creating this planner for quite some time now and I'm excited to have it finished so I can start using this for my own family. We had a little taste of this during the pandemic when several stores were sold out of toilet paper. Now it seems some places can't keep Baby formula stocked. Now more than ever we should have our pantries stocked up for future shortages that might occur.

We live on a farm and out in a rural area so we are used to stocking up for bad weather during the winter months. If we are hit with a big snow and can't get to the grocery store, I won't have to worry about driving in the weather to pick up something. Because my pantry will be stocked up for such an emergency.

This planner will help you take inventory of what you have on hand and make goals of more items that you would like to start stocking up on, say toilet paper or pet food. I think this will be a great seller in your shop. It's easy to customize with your brand. And it comes with commercial use rights.

The Food Pantry Planner PLR Template comes with 58 Pages. It is 100% Unique and made by Michelle of PLR Niche. The template is in two sizes, 8.5 x 11 & 8 x 10, Editable PowerPoint Files, PDF File, Font Files, and Commercial Use Rights.

Here's what you get:

Belongs to
Quick Tally Sheets Cover
Garden Harvest Pantry Inventory
Store Bought Pantry Inventory
Freezer Inventory
Refrigerator Inventory
Pantry Inventory Sheets Cover
Baking Supplies Inventory
Coffee Tea Inventory
Snacks Inventory
Pet Supplies Inventory
Herbs and Spices Inventory
Beverages Inventory
Paper Products Inventory
Cleaning Products Inventory
Personal Hygiene Products Inventory
Laundry Supplies Inventory
Can Veggies Inventory
Boxed Food Inventory
Desserts Inventory
Condiments Inventory
Misc. Inventory
Pasta, Beans, & Rice Inventory
Cereals Inventory
Grains and Crackers Inventory
Canned Goods Inventory
What's in the Refrigerator? Cover
Fruits Inventory
Veggies Inventory
Lunch Meats Inventory
Cheeses Inventory
Dairy Eggs Inventory
Meats Inventory
Stock Up Sheets Cover
Garden Canned Stock Up Sheet
Garden Frozen Stock Up Sheet
Garden Dehydrated Stock Up Sheet
Baking Supplies Stock Up Sheet
Personal Hygiene Products Stock Up Sheet
Pasta, Beans, Rice Stock Up Sheet
Soups Stock Up Sheet
Meats Stock Up Sheet
What's in The Freezer? Cover
Frozen Meats Inventory
Frozen Veggies Inventory
Frozen Fish & Poultry Inventory
Frozen Prepared Meals Inventory
Miscellaneous Inventory
Frozen Fruits Inventory
Homemade CrockPot Meals Inventory
Ice Cream & Desserts Inventory
Grocery Shopping Cover
Grocery Shopping List
Grocery Shoppping List Categories
Notes x2
Favorite Recipes

5 Binder Covers

Pantry Planner PLR

58 Page Planner

Food Pantry Planner PLR 58 Pages


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  • YES Can be branded as your own
  • YES Completed product can be added as PDF to paid or free membership sites
  • YES Can be bundled with other products in PDF
  • NO Cannot be copyrighted
  • NO Cannot share the download page with others
  • NO Cannot pass on the PLR rights to others whether for sale, for free or in membership sites. You must sell or give away a completed product only. The PPTX files and PNG/JPG image files may not be passed on.
  • NO Cannot use or Michelle Farmer name on the finished product

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