How to Set Up Etsy Shop with T-Shirt Printing Company

Ok, everyone wants to know how to set up a T-Shirt printing company with their Etsy shop. This one is so easy! I’ve tried many and never liked them. This was so fast, I had it set up before I even knew what was going on!

You’ll want to set up your Etsy account, that’s free. You can click here to get 40 listings if you start a new account and shop. Once you have your account set up, then you need to click on Sell On Etsy this will open up your shop.

I covered this in my free Etsy shop quickstart challenge if you want more details on setting up. You just follow the prompts and fill in your information. Like how you want to get paid, this has to be in a checking account. I covered options in the challenge if you don’t want to share your checking account info. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Set up your preferences of your Etsy shop, like your language English, your country, the currency.
  2. Name your shop, remember you can’t change your shop name very often and you’ll have to make sure no one else has that name already.
  3. Connect with Printful, you must already be logged into your Etsy account before you click this button.
  4. Set up your billing, shipping, and your credit card information. The shipping prices for your shirts are already listed, so don’t worry about this at the moment. Just follow the prompts.
  5. Yay, that’s it! See how easy that was?

Yay! You’re all set up to start selling T-shirts and many other things on Etsy!

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